Our goals

Support smallholder farmers 
 and stop climate change.

Our goals.

Smart Farming gGmbH supports smallholder farmers
in the Global South, stops climate change and thus promotes the UN Sustainable Goals.


Smart Farming gGmbH supports in particular, the following


SDG 1.5
No poverty

With the manual, as well as fully and partially automated irrigation systems provided, periods of drought can be bridged. The gentle and need-based watering creates stress-free growth for plants. Crop yields increase. The self-sufficiency and the economic and social situation of farmers and their families are sustainably strengthened.


SDG 2.4
No hunger

The sensors installed in the field measure soil moisture, soil temperature and the nutritional values in the soil. Farmers have access to the values via the Internet, and they receive hints and tips for the respective plant species. Precise, needs-based care of the plants and gentle treatment of the soil ensures that the nutrient-rich soil is preserved and even creates new humus. The experience of farmers accumulated over generations is usefully complemented with modern technology and makes agriculture resilient to natural disasters.


SDG 8.2
Decent work and economic growth

The farming profession is changing. Smart farming makes the profession of farmer attractive to young people. It is a profession in which modern technologies, the experience of the farmer and the knowledge of agricultural science are used in harmony with nature.

The hardware and software developed by Smart Farming gGmbH itself is available to everyone free of charge under the GPL2 license and thus promotes the simple and inexpensive entry into self-employment for those interested.



SDG 13.1
Measures to fight climate change

Climate change is closely related to species diversity, to biodiversity. The upper humus layer of the earth stores 4x as much of the climate-damaging carbon dioxide as all the trees in the world and 2x as much as the atmosphere. With Smart Farming technology, smallholder farmers preserve the all-important humus layer and even create new humus. They support the soil life and with it the whole biodiversity. They thus make an extremely important contribution to climate protection.

The path to the future.

The new technologies enable smallholder farmers to live in dignity. In doing so, they make a significant contribution to protecting the world's climate.

Supporting smallholder farmers in the Global South
is a useful path to save the world climate.

It is in our hands to use it.


It takes a lot of helping hands.
Please support smallholder farmers
in the Global South with your donation.


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controlled by the German tax authorities
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