Smart Farming gGmbH
Flurweg 18
89250 Senden

Phone.: +49 177 542 71 87

Registry court: Amtsgericht Memmingen, Registernummer: HRB 20626
Tax number: 151 / 147 / 00743
Name of the company / type of activity: Research and development i. Area of natural and engineering sciences

Managing Director: Achim Giebler

Donation account:
EthikBank eG
IBAN: DE63 8309 4495 0003 5359 75

Smart Farming gGmbH is a registered and recognized non-profit organization and is authorized to issue donation receipts.


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Photo credits Adobe Stock:

  Smart digital agriculture technology by futuristic sensor data collection
management by artificial intelligence to control quality of crop growth
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  Farmer in corn field using tablet computer for smart farming
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  African farmer using a tablet for research leaves of rice
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  Father and son examine wheat crop on wheat field
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  Feet are made of stones on beach sand.
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  Hokkaido summer wheat field
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  Research Analyzing Agricultural Grains And seeds In The Laboratory.
Test tubes with seeds of selection plants.
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  Golden filed rice in morning sun light
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  Healthy food organic vegetable farm,
Happily attractive woman owner crate full of hydroponic
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  Agribusiness owner checking tomatoes quality with
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  Bee pollinates a yellow blossom
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  People planting the tree for celebrate King birthday of Thailand
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  Underground or in ground drip irrigation system.
Water irrigation. Automatic sprinklers system.
Vector illustration flat design. Smart farming application concept.
Saving water and time
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  Smart Farming and Agriculture. Monitoring the growth of crops.
Modern Agricultural Information Technology Integrate concept.
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  agriculture drip irrigation system, green corn maize field on
agricultural plantation with sun shines in the evening,
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  A man with a smartphone analyzes state young sprouts of potatoes.
Planting potato plantations. protection from pests. Agribusiness, farming,
Data collection analysis. Innovation agricultural industry
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  Lakshmana Temple, Khajuraho, India
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  Devi Jagdambi Temple, dedicated to Parvati, Western Temples of Khajuraho.
it's an UNESCO world heritage site - popular amongst tourists all over the world.
From:  mitrarudra
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  Beautiful image of Eastern Temples of Khajuraho, Madhyapradesh,
India with blue sky and fluffy clouds in the background,
It is worldwide famous ancient temples in India, UNESCO world heritage site.
From:  mitrarudra
Number: 480483234




It takes a lot of helping hands.
Please support smallholder farmers
in the Global South with your donation.


Smart Farming gGmbH is a registered, non-profit organization
controlled by the German tax authorities
We are authorized to issue you a donation certificate.